How to improve your immune system to prevent cold and flu?

How to improve your immune system to prevent cold and flu

A majority of the people are prone to a stuffed or running nose and flu with the onset of the winter season. A drop in the temperature makes many people sick perforce seeking the advice from a health provider. However, there are other methods in improving your body immunity and avoid the visit to the clinics. If you are curious to know about the immune-booster food items, here is a quick look for your benefit.

Ginger tea

No doubt, you will feel good when you drink any hot beverage if you have a running nose. However, if you regularly take ginger tea, it can even prevent the onset of cold and flu as described in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine. The anti-inflammatory properties of the root helps in boosting your immunity thus reducing the chances of affecting with cold.

Greek yogurt

In general, the yogurt itself is good for health. When you stain the yogurt to remove the whey, the thick consistency of yogurt is referred to like Greek yogurt. This has an abundant amount of probiotics through which you are able to prevent either cold or flu. This has been confirmed in a meta-analysis described in a Korean Journal.


You might be aware that the regular medical practitioners also suggest supplements of Vitamin C to combat cold and flu. The oranges are packed with Vitamin C, which fortifies your immune system. In either way, the oranges reduce the severity of cold or the duration of symptoms of cold and flu.


The flavonoids,an antioxidant prevalent in Blueberries, are favorable in controlling the chances of catching a cold with the downward trend in the temperature. Therefore, you can include blueberries in your regular diet to prevent cold or flu and protect yourself with the vagaries of the cold weather.

Ginseng tea

It is famous not only for its yummy taste but also treat the tract infections like common cold and flu of the respiratory system. As confirmed by the outcome of research circulated in the Journal of Canadian Medical Association, the ginseng tea is ideal for relieving you from the irritant symptoms of cold and flu. Further research is in progress to confirm its effectiveness in boosting the immunity of the body.

Wild salmon

The medical research has confirmed that zinc is a nutrient capable of reducing the common cold and flu and other concomitant symptoms. Since the wild salmon has an abundant quantity of zinc present in it, the fish can be beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of cold and flu.

In addition to the above, there are many other products, which could supplement in preventing  cold and flu.