Include sea vegetables to improve your health

Include sea vegetables to improve your health

Including sea vegetables in your diet might be the next healthy trend you adopt. Or, it could be the change in your diet towards the next level of health because sea vegetables have many benefits that we have not appreciated fully yet. Here is a look at what they are and how to include this wonderful food item in our lives.

Spirulina and blue-green algae

Both these substances live in lakes and are rich in B-vitamins and particularly Vitamin B2 that helps in red blood cell production. It helps metabolize carbohydrates so we get energy from them. They also help with the digestion of fats and proteins. Spirulina contains C-phycocyanin, a powerful liver detoxifier. It keeps your liver healthy and this, in turn, helps your liver remove toxins from the body. Spirulina has three times the protein as beef, all the nine essential amino acids our body needs, and more calcium than milk. The chlorophyll makes it a super detoxifying agent.


This green algae is available in powdered form and is high in protein and essential amino acids. This is a very good vegan source of iron and has Vitamin B12 in the way your body is able to use with ease. These essential nutrients help in the synthesis of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is essential to your red blood cells to transport oxygen to various organs.


This type of red seaweed looks green. It is used abundantly in Japanese cuisine, as it is tasty and nutritious. It has many vitamins and minerals such as calcium, folic acid, magnesium, and fiber. More importantly, it is rich in iodine that creates thyroid hormones. This hormone helps in regulating our weight and the rate of our metabolism. It enhances our energy, growth, and development.

Other types of sea vegetables

Hijiki, kombu, Irish moss, dulce, kelp, arame, alaria, and esculenta are the popular choices. They have a unique taste and texture. They are full of nutrients such as Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, eighteen different amino acids, and magnesium. It also supplies the mineral Iodine that we have seen is so essential for our metabolism. They also contain anti-inflammatory compounds called fucans. Fucans improve the blood sugar balance in Type 2 diabetics.

Use these sea vegetables in the form of a sheet to wrap your food, sprinkle the powder on your salads, or soak them and cut them up to use with your soups. You can add them to your smoothies or fries. It combines well with your vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The taste is briny, exotic, and exciting.