5 simple ways to enhance digestion today

5 simple ways to enhance digestion today

You get clear signals when your digestion is not behaving. Some of these signs are subtle like a decrease in appetite while others are glaringly obvious such as diarrhea. To avoid walking into these warning signposts, it is advisable to take enough precaution with our diet. Simple steps to aid digestion will help keep you in a fit form.

Exercise to keep stress levels down

The metabolic cycle that keeps our body working gets easily upset when we are stressed out. The timing gets upset and we stop digesting food much before and our circulation works overtime. We can cut the stress by exercising. When the muscles of our body get energized, it coordinates our movements and decreases the accumulated stresses in our body. It redistributes the force so that the nerves get soothed. This helps the metabolism function normally.

Drink lots of water

It is recommended to have 1.5-2 liters of water in a day. If you live in a warm area or you work a lot, then you must have more water. Dehydration destroys our digestive system. Our intestines require water for pushing it through the GI tract. It needs water to absorb the nutrients from food and finally eliminate the waste. Continuous intake of less water results in constipation and increases the toxin level in the body.

Eat foods that contain soluble and insoluble fiber

If you have low stomach acid or drink water during meals that dilute the digestive acid, food is not digested properly. Instead of being in a liquid form ready for digestion, it is in solid form – undigested and fermenting. Now, your stomach has to mechanically push the food. Including food items with fiber helps the movement of food through stomach and intestines.

Keep your diet balanced

For good digestion, you need enough energy from the food. It keeps your metabolism pumped up and on the go. Eating food with too much cholesterol clogs up the system. The increased cholesterol slows the blood circulation. Too little carbohydrates mean not enough energy. And, we need fats to transport fat-soluble vitamins like K, D, and E to various organs in our body. Moreover, we need it for proper brain functioning.

Add probiotics to your food

Probiotics help balance bacteria in the body. It helps if you have yogurt or buttermilk with your lunch as this promotes good digestion.

Since all things pass through their inevitable cycle, it takes time for it all to come together. However, if one keeps on trying, we can remain fit and healthy right through.